Happy go lucky guy full of creativity and love! Contact me at any time for a custom galaxy!

My name is Joshua Cole Baker but you can call me Cole.

Professionally I go by Akkadian Spray Art, here to fit all your custom galaxy paint needs! I’m a self taught air brush and spray paint artist who started this quest many moons ago collecting empty spray paint cans and watching the first tutorials of their kind on Youtube. For the last 7 years I have pushed my creativity and followed my passion to offer accessible creative outlets to my community, paint with new friends and spreads love through positivity and art.

Currently available for

Custom Paintings

One on one art classes at the Art Studio Sturgeon

Custom Stick & Poke Tattoos


Past Experiences

Art Facilitator
Facilitating art workshops in West Nipissing through the Health Center, the Sturgeon River House Museum and the Art Studio

Facilitated and executed collaborative murals at River And Sky and House of PainT.

Air Brush Artist
Custom paint jobs on car parts and musical instruments.

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